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AUCTIONS…Your Liquidity Solution
Put 40+ Years of Experience & Our 97% Success Rate to Work for You!!

A real estate auction is a highly effective and innovative method of selling real estate. Auctions facilitate the rapid sale of real estate while obtaining market value through the benefit of an accelerated marketing plan and generation of a competitive bidding atmosphere.

Savvy sellers are rapidly realizing and reaping the benefits an auction produces by utilizing this sales method as a first choice for properties of all sizes and values.


Pre-Qualified Buyers who are Ready, Willing, and Able to Buy

In order to register to bid on your property, each potential buyer must provide a certified check and a signed copy of the terms of sale, indicating understanding and adherence to the terms as set forth by you, the seller. These requirements ensure that only ready, willing, and able bidders participate in the auction, facilitating the closing on 97% of the properties we sell at auction.

Unlimited Ceiling on Final Selling Price

Traditional real estate marketing establishes a pre-determined asking price which is negotiated down. However, auctions assemble all interested parties in one location at one time, creating a competitive atmosphere heightened by the knowledge that your property will sell then and there. Registered bidders will compete with each other by raising their bids, with the sky as the limit.

You Control the Transaction

From set inspection dates, eliminating numerous and unscheduled showings, to a set sale date with a surprise-free closing 30 days thereafter, you are in complete control of the transaction. Furthermore, each potential buyer agrees to be bound by the Terms of Sale, which are created based upon your conditions. This eliminates the potential buyer’s ability to negotiate you down and forces them to compete amongst themselves for your property, on your non-negotiable terms.

Guaranteed Date of Sale & Closing 30 Days Thereafter

You know exactly when your property will sell, facilitating effective planning for the future. Once you decide to proceed with an auction, your property will be sold within four to six weeks with the closing occurring 30 days thereafter. This accelerated selling process greatly reduces your holding costs and provides you with the opportunity to invest your money in productive investments. With the confidence that your property will sell on a set date, and for the highest possible price, you can confidently plan for the future.

Sold on an “AS-IS” basis with No Contingencies

All properties are sold on an “as-is, where is” basis. All potential buyers are given ample time to perform their due diligence and inspect your property prior to auction. In order to register to bid, each prospective buyer is required to sign the predetermined terms and conditions of sale which are non-negotiable. Since the buyer is fully aware of and has agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions of sale, surprises at closing are eliminated.

Exposes Your Property to the Mass Market of Potential Buyers

Over the past 40+ years, Maltz Auctions has developed an invaluable proprietary list of tens of thousands of individuals and companies interested in attending and participating in our auctions. We send weekly email mailings, keeping these parties apprised of our upcoming auctions and auction updates. The use of cutting edge marketing technologies and processes provide our corporate website with a national presence, receiving thousands of page views every day. Each property occupies an entire section of our corporate website and receives tremendous exposure. Our proven marketing strategies provide intensive exposure that increases the visibility of your property and draws the interest of qualified, potential buyers.

Over the past 40 years, we have developed an irrefutable reputation as the premier auction company in the tri-state area and have grown to a $100+ million a year corporation.

To find out how our staff of real estate professionals can most effectively sell your property at auction, please contact us at 516.349.7022 or via email.