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Monthly Multi-Property Auction Events
Put 40+ Years of Experience to Work for You and Your Clients!

Selling at Auction

Auctions assemble all interested parties in one location at one time, creating a competitive atmosphere, heightened by the knowledge that the property will sell then and there.

  • Pre-qualified bidders – Ready, Willing, and Able to Buy
  • Guaranteed Sale Date and Contingent-free Closing 30 Days Thereafter
  • Maltz Auctions Handles all Aspects Involved with Selling the Property
  • Assurance that the Property Will be Sold for True Market Value
  • Exposure of the Property to Many Potential Buyers
  • Quick Commission- You Control When the Property Will Sell and Close

Referring Broker:

Your main responsibility consists of introducing a qualified prospect to Maltz Auctions. We are pleased to offer flat or percentage-based referral fees for any client you refer to us, subsequently resulting in the successful sale and closing on the prospect’s property.

Contact us at 516.349.7022 or [email protected] to begin earning your referring broker commissions today!

Cooperating Broker:

We understand that as the listing broker, your listings are very valuable to you. We also understand that you have the duty to your client to obtain the highest selling price for their real estate. Whether your client needs a quick sale, could benefit by capitalizing on the high-desirability of a property, or has a unique property, an auction will create a competitive atmosphere that results in competitive bidding and a final selling price at true market value. With the seller’s ability to control the selling process through the use of predetermined terms and conditions of sale, a contingent-free closing will take place 30 days after the auction.

Contact us at 516.349.7022 or [email protected] to discuss how we can work with you to sell your client’s property today!